Hi! Thanks for checking out my website. Here’s a little bit about me.

I am totally devoted to helping your body (and mind!) reach that state of flexibility associated with peak awareness, beautiful posture, and lasting wellness. And I have studied my ass off to be able to do it successfully!

drkimberly imgI draw on an extensive background in anatomy and physiology as well as a naturally high-level intuition to help people live a lifetime of health and happiness. The profoundly unique advantage of my particular constellation of talents is that I practice with (and you benefit from) the knowledge, expertise, and skill of a doctor combined with the intuition, empathy, and tenderness of a massage practitioner and energy worker.

I’ve been doing bodywork since 1980 and chiropractic since 1996.

I studied bodywork, natural heath, nutrition, and aromatherapy continuously during the 1980s then went to chiropractic school and graduated in 1996. While enrolled in chiropractic school I began studying Network Spinal Analysis with Donald Epstein and have been certified at the highest level since 1997.

Most recently, I have been certified in Advanced BioStructural Correction, a chiropractic analysis and application that blows all others out of the water. This is the way to go if you want all of your old injury patterns corrected for good. If your primary symptoms are not a result of fractures, cancer, infection and the like, we can definitely correct your body so that it is upright without effort, and healthy and thriving.

keats on beach

Keats AKA Kitty

When not doctoring, I write, read, knit and walk my dog. I’m not a fine artist but I do like to play with paint, photoshop, glue, glitter, etc., and make crafty things. I’ve had outfits in the Big Sur Fashion Show most years.

Along with learning and art, helping people get healthier and happier is one of my greatest joys. I feel deeply grateful for the privilege.

Peace & Love,


Dr. Kimberly Rousseau

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