Hi! Thanks for checking out my website. Here’s a little bit about me.

I am totally devoted to helping your body (and mind!) reach that state of flexibility associated with peak awareness, beautiful posture, and lasting wellness. And I have studied my ass off to be able to do it successfully!


Me at Monastery Beach

I draw on an extensive background in anatomy and physiology as well as a naturally high-level  intuition to help people live a lifetime of health and happiness. The profoundly unique advantage of my particular constellation of talents is that I practice with (and you benefit from) the knowledge, expertise, and skill of a doctor combined with the intuition, empathy, and tenderness of a massage practitioner and energy worker.

I’ve been doing bodywork since 1980 and chiropractic since 1996.

I studied bodywork, natural heath, nutrition, and aromatherapy continuously during the 1980s then went to chiropractic school and graduated in 1996. While enrolled in chiropractic school I began studying Network Spinal Analysis with Donald Epstein and have been certified at the highest level since 1997. I am a life-long voracious learner.

Peace & Love,


Dr. Kimberly

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Peace of Mind Dog Rescue  |  Caring for Dogs Left Behind