As an artistic person–a creative writer, primarily–I never imagined becoming a chiropractor until I was nearly 30. I think I’d


only ever heard the word chiropractor once, maybe, until my massage certification course in 1986, one section of which was taught by a chiropractor. That section was Polarity, so I was none the wiser about chiropractic care.

I’d been practicing massage sporadically for several years uncertified before that because it was fun and came naturally to me.

Going from massage to chiropractic professionally now seems a logical progression for those who are curious, devoted and, perhaps, academic, but back then it never entered my mind.

Until it did.

When the idea first occurred to me, I couldn’t accept it. I tried to erase it. It was foreign. I fought it. I just could not imagine dropping everything–my beautiful life–for the years of rigorous study required.

But I couldn’t shake it either.

this-way-arrow-purple-neonA conflation of events which can easily be construed as magical or providential clearly pointed “THIS WAY” like a big bright arrow. So I said to God, “Okay, I’ll go forward as long as the lights are green and the road is clear; one red light and I’m off this cuckoo-mobile.” Six years later I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West (LCCW). That was March of 1996.

I studied art and psychology in college so when I decided to go to chiropractic school, I had to first take a bunch of pre-med science classes. It was an amazing, mind-opening experience that illuminated a part of myself I hadn’t known.

After a misfortune in my high school biology class involving a poor dead frog, the erroneous belief that I wasn’t good at, and didn’t like, science latched my young mind shut on the topic. Those pre-med classes popped it open again. What a wonderful surprise it was to discover that was a mistake and not a truth!

By the time I got to cadaver lab in my fifth semester at LCCW, I was so enthused that I chose my lab partners according to their squeamishness and ended up dissecting and investigating an entire human body practically all by myself over three semesters. What a revelation. I won’t recount the particulars here as many people find it turns their stomachs. I will only say that nothing else deepens one’s understanding of the body as thoroughly. Truly, I know the body inside and out.

The unique advantage of my particular constellation of talents is the knowledge, expertise and skill of a doctor, the intuition, empathy, and tenderness of a bodyworker and the creative, open mind of an artistic temperament. Also, I am a lifelong voracious learner and an  INFJ Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

There you go: my personality profile in an peanut pack.

I am totally devoted to helping you achieve the beautiful posture associated with stellar health and a youthful appearance. I have studied my keister off to be able to do it, and, since learning is my favorite thing and I want do to the very best I can for people, I never stop!

Beyond chiropractic college, I have had top level certification in Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) since 1997 and, more recently, certification in Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC).

keats on beach

Keats AKA Kitty Greeter & Love Bug

I’m super excited about ABC. After almost 20 years of NSA I’ve jumped shipp and changed my method. ABC is a chiropractic analysis and application that blows all others out of the water. Results are consistent and predictable; so predictable that I can promise that if your primary symptoms are not a result of fractures, cancer, diabetes, infection and the like, we can definitely correct your body so that it is upright without effort,  healthy and more beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Being a chiropractor is a joy and a blessing. I love love love accompanying people through the healing process that results from posture correction and feel deeply grateful for the privilege.

Otherwise, I spend my time writing, learning, and gardening. I also like to paint and knit; play with color, glitter and glue; and gambol with my little dog. Oh yes, I’m a activist as well. So much fun to be had in life and so much work to do too.

Peace & Love,

Kimberly Rousseau, D.C.
Posture Correction Specialist

P.S. I like to rescue animals and save forests, so please check out my pet causes


Animal Friends Rescue Project
Saving lives, one animal at a time since 1998. img

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
Caring for Dogs Left Behind

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The Big Sur Local Coastal Program Defense Committee

And just for fun:
I knitted these ribbon dresses. While they were on the catwalk that old Archies song, Sugar Sugar,
rang though the Redwood theater at the Henry Miller Library and my models did an enchanting dance.


Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show