The Basic Plan for Being Healthy

    1. Keep the structure MOBILE and erect with leading edge CHIROPRACTIC care – ANY loss of range of motion in any spinal joint impairs neurological function. Advanced Biostructural Correction will realign the bones that the body cannot self-correct and free the nervous system from adhesions and interference.
    2. Deal with EMOTIONS in a healthy way. Repressed emotions cause cognitive impairment and pain.
    3. EAT for health & happiness
    4. Make sure to have enough FUN!


  2. Practice MINDFULNESS
  3. Get enough SLEEP – For some it’s 9 hours, for others it’s 7; 6 hours a night is not enough.
  4. Participate in loving, AFFECTIONate relationships
  5. Keep a NON-TOXIC natural Household
  6. Use earth- & human- FRIENDLY REMEDIES