What is Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC)™?

Advanced BioStructural Correction™, known as ABC™ for short, is a revolutionary chiropractic application which corrects spinal structure and function through the use of specific spinal, pelvic and extremity adjustments, in combination with specialized  stretches called meningeal releases. This combination results in tremendous improvements in posture as well as the relief of painful symptoms and conditions.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™, corrects spinal misalignments, or “subluxations”, in which a bone has slipped forward at a joint (anteriority) in a direction the body cannot self-correct. The body is unable to self-correct these anteriorities because there are no muscles that pull in the right direction to put them back into place. Because the body cannot fix these misalignments, it must instead compensate by forcing joints out of alignment above or below the area that cannot self-correct in order to reduce pressure on the spinal cord in that area. These compensations help the body cope with the problem it cannot self-correct by stablizing the area as well as it can and keeping as much pressure as possible off of the spinal cord.

With ABC™, only the anterior subluxations are corrected, thereby fixing the problem the body could not self-correct, thus allowing the body to remove (unwind) the corresponding compensations which are no longer needed. This is a unique feature of ABC.

ABC also helps relieve pain and improve nervous system function by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions of the connective tissue deep inside the spinal canal, known as the meninges. The meninges protect and cover the brain and spinal cord, and these tissues can become stuck to the inside of the bony surface of the spinal canal in response to traumas and repetitive injuries to the spine which we are exposed to throughout our lives. The more adhesions and scar tissue in the meninges, the greater the tension on the brain and spinal cord. Through the use of specialized stretches called meningeal releases, the ABC™ doctor is able to break up and remove this tissue tension thus positively affecting nervous system function.

ABC™ is different from many other chiropractic and manipulative techniques, and the results are far more effective and predictable as a result. The technique follows a specific protocol in which the body is tested to determine which meningeal releases are required and where structural adjustments should be made on a particular visit. Through a back-and-forth process of the correction of anteriorities by the doctor, and the body’s release of compensations in response to those corrections, the body literally “unwinds” through built up layers of injuries, problems (anterior subluxations) and compensations during a patient’s course of care. This process is called the “unwinding process” and it is part of the healing experience all ABC™ patients go through as their body restores proper posture, structure, and function.

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